It is a simple, no-frills, app that can be used to reveal up to three lines of text on your iPhone when the spectator calls you from their own phone. 


– Carl Andrews, Vanish Magazine

The Effect

The magician begins the trick by calling the spectators phone. He points out that the spectator’s number is unknown by the phone because they have never even met. The magician hangs up and immediately places the phone in another spectator’s hands for safekeeping. The spectator freely chooses a card and returns it to the deck. The magician now asks the spectator to call him back, directing the attention back to the untouched phone. The spectator makes the call. Instead of displaying the unknown phone number, the phone now displays the spectator’s name and the chosen card!

Best Magic Trick Apps of 2014

Smalltalk was featured in AppFind’s “Best Magic Trick Apps of 2014” video on Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Smalltalk

  1. When I first purchased the app, in order to “practice” I called my wife’s phone. It worked perfectly although she was already in my Contacts.
    But now every time she calls me it shows “10 Diamonds”. How can I remove that data? The new contact is ‘hidden’.


    1. Hey, Thom.

      There should be a contact with the name you entered. If you didn’t enter a name you might want to check the bottom of your contact list. In any case, I don’t think it’s possible for the contact to be invisible in your contact list.



      1. Thanks Bjorn.
        I am unable to locate any out-of-place contact AND there is a legitimate contact for my wife. But, thanks for the feedback. It is helpful to verify that all the app did was CREATE a new contact.

        I love the application. Build more useful stuff like this, please!!


        1. I stand corrected. Actually, there is an entry with MY NAME. I was looking for the wrong thing.
          Hopefully, this is helpful for anyone else.

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