Color Changes



Enhance your magic by performing amazing color changes on your iPhone!

6 thoughts on “Color Changes

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for pointing that out. Currently the app simply doesn’t persist the settings, but I guess it would be a good feature. I might add that at some point but maintaining this app is unfortunately not high on my priority list right now. In the meantime, you can avoid force-closing the app in order to keep your settings between performances.


  1. I love this app, I use it everyday, please update with color backs, and combining changes would add a tremendous boost of flexibility….with Street Magic exploding right now, this could be the greatest addition to actual Card Magic …please consider these suggestions….thank you in advance


    1. Hey Derek, glad to hear you like it!

      Thanks for the feedback, these are very good suggestions and I’ll keep them in mind when I get some time to update the app (which I’m planning to in the near future).


  2. Yes, thanks for considering, hey, one last suggestion….being able to add any image would be world dominance in the field of street Magic, this app would truly be INVINCIBLE ♠️♦️♣️♥️ Thanks in Advance


  3. Happy New Year Bjornorri, this is Derek Simmons, just checking Back with you to see if you will be
    Updating the apps soon….please make it so you could add any image…including GIF files, if you could 🙂
    I’m really anticipating these updates, that would basically give color changes and vanish unmatched ability.
    Thanks for these gifts to the digital Magic world


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